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Lawyers for Lead Poisoning in Children

How are Children Exposed to Lead Products?

Perhaps one of the most jarring facts about childhood lead poisoning is that most children get lead poisoned just by being kids.

Leading government and medical authorities have concluded that children younger than four years of age have the greatest risk for lead poisoning and its harmful side effects. Children in this age group have a higher propensity for hand-to-mouth activity by playing on the floor and putting their hands in their mouths. When toddlers and young children begin to crawl or walk, they hold onto the walls and window sills, putting them at high risk for coming into contact with lead-containing products, such as paint.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), lead paint is the predominant cause of childhood lead poisoning in the United States. When lead paint is chipping or peeling, the tiny chips and dust come off onto their hands, and any hand-to-mouth behavior typical of young children begins the poisoning process.

Children can also breathe in tiny amounts of lead if they come into contact with a dusty, lead-containing object or product.

There are ways to protect your children from lead poisoning, as well as various treatment options if your child has been poisoned by lead. It is important to remember that no matter what a landlord or property owner and their insurance companies say, you are not at fault for your child’s illness and the attorneys at Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer can help your pursue the responsible party.

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