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Lung Cancer Caused by Asbestos Exposure

A leading study conducted by the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York found that individuals exposed to asbestos (that were non-smokers) had a rate of death by lung cancer that was 5 times greater than the general population.

Lung cancer can be caused by asbestos exposure, especially in those that have history of smoking cigarettes. In the same study, it was found that asbestos workers who smoked cigarettes had an increase in lung cancer deaths 53 times higher than individuals that neither smoked nor were exposed to asbestos.

Asbestos Lung Cancer Types

Asbestos exposure can lead to all lung cancer cell types, including adenocarcinoma, bronchoalveolar, small cell, large cell, oat cell and squamous cell. Lung cancer can be related to asbestos exposure whether or not the victim has pulmonary asbestosis or asbestos-related pleural disease. It is also not uncommon for a victim to have both asbestosis and lung cancer.

As with all asbestos-related illnesses, lung cancer can go undetected anywhere from 10 to 30 years from the time the victim was first exposed.

A significant difference emerges when comparing lung cancer caused by cigarette smoking to lung cancer caused by asbestos. When an individual stops smoking cigarettes, their lung cancer risk immediately begins to decrease. However, if someone has been exposed to asbestos, their lung cancer risk remains high, because microscopic asbestos fibers can remain in the lungs for a lifetime.

If lung cancer is diagnosed early, chemotherapy, surgery and radiation or a combination of all of these treatments can often allow the victim to survive long-term and even go into remission. Mesothelioma and lung cancer have similar diagnosis and treatment options.

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