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Actos and Diabetes Lawyers in NJ

Learn More about Type 2 Diabetes & Actos

Diabetes is a metabolic condition that affects the way the body uses digested food.

In healthy individuals, the body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose, which is the main form of sugar in the blood. Our bodies use glucose as fuel for growth and energy. However, the body relies upon insulin to move glucose from the blood into our cells.

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas. When an individual has diabetes, the pancreas produces little to no insulin. As a result, glucose builds up in the blood, preventing cells from receiving the fuel needed to boost energy in the body. Instead, the glucose is deposited into the urine and leaves the body.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of this disease. It is most often associated with individuals who are obese, who are older and/or have a family history of the disease. Additionally, patients with a previous history of gestational diabetes, physical inactivity or of certain ethnicities may be more prone to developing Type 2 diabetes.

Common symptoms of Type 2 diabetes include frequent urination, fatigue, increased thirst, increased hunger, weight loss, blurred vision and slow healing of wounds or sores. However, some patients do not exhibit any symptoms at all.

Actos is a prescription medication used to regulate blood glucose levels in Type 2 diabetic patients. However, this drug can come with serious side effects, including bladder cancer.

If you are a Type 2 diabetic and have taken Actos and you are now suffering with bladder cancer, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit with our Actos lawyers in NJ. Contact our defective drug lawyers in NJ and we will be happy to discuss your options with you. Get your free consultation with an Actos lawyer in NJ now or call 866-613-9319.